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If you are undecided on what to do regarding your current situcation regarding your divorce negligence.


Divorce Negligence Solicitors maybe able to assist you in recovering negligence compensation from your previous lawyer.



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We have selected the five most popular issues client's want to discuss when obtaining further information regarding Divorce Negligence Compensation.


Divorce Negligence Helpline - Professional Guidance

It is vital that when it comes to dealing with divorce negligence that you seek professional guidance.

On the vast majority of occasions, this advice will be correct but there is always the possibility that the solicitor could get it wrong. In fact, you may not even realise that your solicitor has made a mistake.

When it comes to disputes with professionals it is always difficult because you are effectively challenging the advice of that professional. That should not prevent you from ensuring that at the very least that your individual case is reviewed by an alternative solicitor, which specifically has experience in professional negligence of this nature. After all, most of the time most people would just accept the advice of a solicitor without question.

We have found that in a number of cases, solicitors have failed to give the correct advice in relation to the pension entitlements, which have been included within the overall pension settlement. This has ultimately led to one of the parties in the settlement not receiving a fair financial split. This is deemed to be a pension undervaluation and would therefore give rise to a claim for Professional Negligence against the solicitor.

When situations like this occur, it is vital that you seek advice in the first instance from a professional solicitor that has previous experience in professional negligence. We can evaluate your claim, consider the relevant terms of your divorce and make sure that you have received the correct advice. If we are able to establish that you have received negligent advice that has brought about a financial loss as a result of the settlement, we may be able to assist you in claiming compensation from the solicitor that advised you at the time.

This is not going to give rise to a claim against your ex-partner in the divorce as that is a concluded settlement. This would be a claim for divorce negligence and is purely a claim against the solicitor that advised you.

It is vital that your case is reviewed as quickly as possible to ensure that you are put back in the financial position that you would have been, had your solicitor advised you correctly in the first place. Even if you are happy with your divorce settlement, it may well be that you could be entitled to a different outcome. Once again, rest assured that any claim would only affect your previous solicitor and not your ex-spouse. In fact, it is highly unlikely that your ex-spouse would ever find out about your claim against your own solicitor.

If you would like your divorce settlement reviewed, please contact us as soon as possible. Delaying your enquiry could lead to your claim becoming statute barred and therefore time barred.

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